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Skilled Nursing

Our dedicated nurses provides direct care, management and evaluation of patients' care with specially-trained nurses. 

Includes but is not limited to:

  • Diabetic teaching

  • Wound care

  • Administration of intravenous medicines and fluids

  • Drawing blood

  • Client and family health education to promote wellness

  • Administering injections

  • Other services that nurses are educated and trained to perform

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists increases patient's independence and ability to perform daily functions by teaching adaptive methods and the use of special equipment when necessary.

Certified Home Health Aide

We have hospice aides on hand to provide services that assists patients with activities of daily living such personal care, ambulation and home exercise programs until the patient is able to care for themselves.

  • Bathing and personal hygiene

  • Preparing and serving meals

  • Light housekeeping

  • Assisting in exercises under professional supervision

  • Observing and reporting changes in patient's condition and needs

Medical Social Services

Our social workers connects patients and families to necessary resources and support in the community, helps patients and families deal with financial and social problems that interfere with the patient's recuperation or stability. 

  • Assists in dealing with any limitations regarding current illness

  • Assisting in locating community resources that would be beneficial to patient recovery

Physical Therapy

Healthways Home Health Physical therapists help patients regain functional mobility, increase strength and improve range of motion with special treatment as prescribed by the physician.

Coordinated Services

  • Medical Equipment

  • Pharmacy Services

  • Laboratory Services

Speech Therapy

Healthways Home Health speech therapists plans and implements programs designed to improve communication skills of patients with language and speech impairments or defects and disorders of vocal or written communication arising from physiological disturbances and defective articulation. Assists in regaining speech which may have been impaired following an injury or illness.

Young Doctor

Physician Medical Director

Our physician medical director  provide vital direction and insight to staff regarding appropriate medical intervention. The in-house Physician Medical Director works closely with the home health team and patients' primary care physician to determine the most suitable plan of care for each patient based on the patient's needs.

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